Many people have queries concerning about setting up a website and other things related to website services. We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions along with answers appertaining to web design and associated web issues.

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  • How do I get started?

    If you are planning to create a new website for your organization, just contact us to get your project started. We will immediately listen to your views and concerns. After brief discussion, we will work on your dream project. After taking your feedback and giving our views regarding the website, we will begin the design of your new website and keep working with you from there.

  • What kind of websites and other work does your website company perform?

    Our company provides a wide array of website services, from designing to development and custom applications with all the graphic and branding related stuff. Our most popular service is to design and build custom search engine optimized websites but we also offer logo design and other graphic design services. Click here for a full list and more detail about the services we offer.

  • Do I have to keep my website with you forever, or can I move it to another supplier to host it if I wish?

    You may move your website to another web hosting service at any time. But we provide excellent service of maintain your website, so we are sure that you won’t even think of finding another supplier to host your website ever.

  • How long does it take my website to be designed?

    It depends on the size of your website. We always endeavour to meet to your deadlines if you have in your mind. Smaller websites which don't require much programming typically take 30-45 days. Larger websites requiring a good amount of programming and database work can take anywhere from 90 days on up, depending on how large it is. Actual time to develop a website varies from project to project and depends on client approval times.

  • I would like you to design my site, what do I need to do now/what is the process?

    If you would like to use our services all you need to do is inform us of the domain name you would like to use and send us a brief idea of your requirements. We will check domain name availability then with the final approval, we will purchase the domain in your name, purchase the right hosting package for your project and then based on your guidance, design an initial web page for you within next two days.

    This is then refined in consultation with the client until a satisfactory design has been reached. We will then need you to forward content and images for your site and we will start designing the website for you.

  • Do I need to buy a domain name and hosting from other company?

    No, we do everything for you.

  • What is the proper content needed by your website firm for website design?

    Content on a website would depend on the goals of your website. Providing proper content to PixelPriya is very important for the development of your website design or project. We also provide content services. Our expert team members create content according to your need. We will discuss with you in detail about this and guide you at the time of signing up for services.

    It is critical that we have all of the content. We need a brief content in order to start development and complete your website design or project within a month. Without this information, the development time required by PixelPriya for your website design or project may be extended.

    The ideal proper content for your website design would consist of digital images on disk, (in jpeg, psd, tiff, eps, or ai format), text copy (your "about us", "company mission statement", or any other text information) on disk or CD, (preferably in Word format). This content will be worked into your website design or project in the most beneficial way possible, according to your requirements.

    If this is not possible, then clear photos or brochures may be used for our development team to scan and optimize for use on your website. If this digital content is not provided to PixelPriya, additional fees may be included to cover the expense of content preparation. Request a Quote today for more information.

  • I run a small/medium size business and want an online presence to promote my business in a professional manner to new customers and to provide a more professional image to existing customers. What do I need to achieve this?

    You need a professionally developed website, a domain name, and hosting facilities for your website. You also need the website to be uploaded onto your hosting facilities and promoted to the search engines.

  • I hear that there are hidden costs associated with design services. Is this true?

    No. We discuss with you your designing requirements and then price accordingly and once you have placed an order for your design with us, that price is strictly adhered to.

  • How many pages can I have on my web site?

    As many as you like! From a search engines point of view - The more the better!

  • Will I find my website on the search engines?

    Yes we always design websites to be search engine friendly.

  • Why choose PixelPriya for our website design? What qualities do the websites designed by PixelPriya have?

    We design websites that are user-friendly. Websites that are visually appealing, creative in design and also have great functionality are effective as business tools. We know the value of the different web design features which can be used and we know which design features work and why they work.

  • Do I need to meet you to discuss on my requirements?

    Not necessarily. We have various communication modes like phone, chat, remote session, online meeting and email to discuss with you to understand your requirement.