Top 6 Ways to Fix No Sound after Windows 10 Update Driver Talent

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Top 6 Ways to Fix No Sound after Windows 10 Update Driver Talent

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Then, click Select device and choose your graphics card type, such as NVIDIA. Once the download is complete, then run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver’s installation process. After that, click on the ‘Clean and restart’ button to execute the driver’s uninstallation process.

You’ll have to use the AMD Radeon Graphics driver installer for AMD video cards, which will automatically detect the current drivers and install the software your device currently needs. If you’ve already installed your GPU before coming across this article, and you’re now facing errors and issues, the old drivers are causing them. Find the GPU driver in the list, select it, and press the Remove button to uninstall the driver.

How to Install Device Drivers Manually on Windows 11 & 10

This issue by no means only applies to NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units . The makers of MS Windows have since released new updates that attempt to solve the issues, but results vary between different devices and PC configurations. If you’re facing similar issues with your GPU, this guide will show you how to rollback NVIDIA drivers in Windows 10.

  • For example,here’s the download page for Logitech’sStreamCam.
  • Demo programs have a limited functionality for free, but charge for an advanced set of features or for the removal of advertisements from the program’s interfaces.
  • Click the Yes button if you see the confirmation dialog to go ahead and uninstall the device driver.

You can choose to update all of your drivers or pick individually, and this app can backup and restore your old drivers – handy if you install a newer driver and it doesn’t go to plan. This might be a bit different depending on the operating system you are using, but if you manage to find control panel, you will find the drivers and settings as well. Once you have the correct driver files, it’s time to install the new device driver on your system. Typically, most users allow Windows to locate, download, and install an updated device driver automatically if one is available through Windows Update. Overlooking the importance of updated drivers can cause serious headaches. Not only will your PC refuse to perform the way it should, but you might start troubleshooting for problems that don’t exist.

Optimise your AMD graphics cards performance

It was annoying, but I lived with it until I had time to reinstall Windows from scratch. The driver notifies me an update is available. Many devices now include periodic checks for updates. They then give me the choice of installing them when available. This technically violates my “if it ain’t broke” statement, but I’ll allow these updates, particularly for non-critical devices. That means I don’t update drivers just for the sake of updating drivers.

How Do I Uninstall a NVIDIa Driver Update?

If the icon is still not displayed, try different disks and see if they are displayed. If other disks are displayed, there is a problem with the Setup CD-ROM. Contact a Canon link service representative. Our knowledge base contains over 28,000 expertly written tech articles that will give you answers and help you get the most out of your gear.

You’ll need to click the Programs and Features tab, then select the Nvidia application. On the top bar, click Uninstall to get rid of the program. If you have any other software from Nvidia installed on your computer, you should repeat the same steps. Unnecessary system and cache files, processes, and services present or running on your computer can interfere with the smooth running of the game. In this case, you can troubleshoot in Clean Boot State. If the game runs smoothly in this system state, then you may need to manually enable one process after the other and see which the offender is that creates problems for you.

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